Safety is always Job One, and we strive to bring awareness anytime a safety observance is underway, including National Window Safety Week.

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Hi, I’m Danielle Wright, CEO of Right Choice Construction. I’m taking a moment to highlight National Window Safety Week, which runs From April 1 to 7.

As a Houston general contractor, Right Choice Construction examines building safety from many angles. We join the construction community in emphasizing year-round installation and usage measures that help protect building occupants. Our team is sufficiently equipped and properly trained, and we ensure all windows, doors, locks, and other components are operating correctly throughout the ground-up, design-build, or build-out process.

Window Safety Week

Window Safety Week

Window safety is vital in the design of any commercial building in the retail, corporate, academic, and industrial sectors. From tempered and laminated safety glass to window opening control devices (specialized window hardware) to window screens to custodial locking systems, we work with building owners and landlords to determine window safety options for their structures.

Right Choice has safety personnel on each and every job site, and our superintendents hold safety meetings every morning with subcontractors. You can count on a full range of our Safety First ethics and best practices, shared below: