I’m busy, but never too busy to supplement my knowledge of the construction safety environment all around me on the job. As women in construction, reading, absorbing, and practicing safety is an important part of our leadership responsibilities.

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As we dive into Safety Month, I thought I’d share a book published this past August that  Safety Construction Environmentcovers many topics and concepts within the realm of construction safety. It appealed to me on several levels — as a business owner, a general contractor, and a woman responsible for the health, safety, and environment of others.

As more women choose construction as a career, staying on top of worksite safety is absolutely essential. We are in charge. The buck stops here.

A big part of the job is vigilance and an ever-evolving understanding of rules and regulations, and also the ability to exceed minimum standards and protect those around us. This book goes beyond compliance and encourages leaders to teach their teams to take ownership of worksite safety, making it a personal endeavor for the benefit of themselves, their co-workers, their company, other companies, and their customers. How cool is that?

A Construction Safety Environment That is More Than Industry Standard

Do you want to know what caught my eye as I browsed Amazon? This excerpt:

 Safety Construction EnvironmentWhile your compliance efforts may have served you well compared to industry standards, your best efforts that yield only “acceptable” results is not nearly good enough. You are missing an essential, yet elusive component. Good leaders who lead good organizations adhere to both OSHA and industry standards. But that is just the foundation. They also own their moral responsibility to ensure safe outcomes, and likewise require all team members to be worthy partners in keeping themselves and the people they work beside safe. Building an ownership culture on the foundation of compliance is the essential component that drives outstanding safety results.

This is precisely what I and my husband James Wright, our vice president and safety officer, strive to do.

We have built a staff of dedicated employees (and contractors) who are passionate about safety on both a personal and professional level.

As a certified Women’s Business Enterprise with the WBENC and a Women Business Enterprises (WBE), my role is to develop more than properties and construction sites. My duty is to equip my team to make informed choices and adhere to best practices.

Another Jewel in the Book



What is YOUR Construction Safety Environment?

I rarely recommend books, but this is a good one. Safety Beyond the Numbers: A Path to Principled Leadership by Ken Chapman and Tony Orlowski can be found here in Kindle and paperback versions. I believe it can help women elevate their safety initiatives and grow as leaders too.