Safety Week is here!

May is a special month focused on building and construction best practices in Houston, throughout Texas, and worldwide. It inspires us to safeguard worksites, keep our team (and yours) out of harm’s way, and demonstrate our approach to operational excellence.

Safety Week

Right Choice Construction participates in initiatives to address workplace hazards and maintain a stellar safety record.

We’ll be posting a variety of safety-oriented articles and industry news this month to benefit our clients, colleagues, and community. We hope you follow along — you just might learn something new about national safety movements, government resources, and the organizations that put “safety first!”

Construction Safety Week — Our Culture Year Round

On behalf of our wonderful team, we shout out Construction Safety Week from May 1-5 to celebrate our industry-standard best practices, oversight, and training. We are proud that our company is leading the way in comprehensive worksite protocols and mitigation efforts.  

To us, hazard prevention is more than a slogan. It’s more than a catchphrase we revisit once a year.

Right Choice Construction is hyper-focused on these important initiatives every single day! We are committed to safety as “Job One” during our weekly team meetings and while overseeing a range of design-build, ground-up, and turnkey solutions for retail, commercial, industrial, and warehouse projects.

A Proven Track Record

James Wright, our vice president and a safety professional, ensures that our general contracting firm maintains a proven track record. He oversees daily operations on all projects, works directly with subcontractors and employees, and ensures project quality.

James’ previous construction experience with some of the largest industry leaders like Baker Concrete and Lithko Contracting is a major asset to our general contracting firm.

From exceeding OSHA requirements to worksite inspections to heavy equipment usage, we adhere to local, state, and federal regulations and permitting requirements. You simply won’t find a general contractor more focused on construction site best practices.

Efficiency and Service During Safety Week and All Year Long

As general contractors, we are your single point of contact — also a part of our safety initiatives. Your on-call site manager is dedicated to your project from beginning to end, with solutions in place should an issue arise. We are absolutely committed to the importance of providing a safe and healthy work environment for our workers and our customers.

It takes a performance-oriented, safety-conscious, and experienced general contractor to provide the services we offer. As an experienced Houston construction contractor, you can expect service and results, on time and on budget.