Tenant Improvements

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Houston Tenant Improvements — Corporate and Retail Properties

Tenant improvements (also known as leasehold improvements) are custom interior improvements that add value to a commercial rental space. Right Choice excels in customizing spaces you’d like to rent or lease to better suit your needs. We offer tenant build-out or retrofit construction services for offices or retail establishments. Our hallmark is identifying ways to best utilize the square footage.

Tenant Improvement projects might involve new construction in cold shell conditions. The floors are unfinished, and the walls are bare, with no ceiling, no electrical, no plumbing, and no HVAC system. Or the project might involve a plain vanilla shell or white box with basic finishings. In either event, Right choice designs and customizes the interior for commercial retail or office use according to the specifications of the client.

We also customize existing build-out properties and update them for your needs and preferences. At times we are able to repurpose materials and fixtures, but will otherwise redesign and reconfigure the interior. Trust Right Choice to bring the space to life precisely as you envision.


Houston Tenant Improvements

  • Workspace environments
  • Storage solutions
  • Lobbies
  • Individual offices
  • Meeting rooms


Houston Tenant Improvements

  • Aesthetic layout
  • Shopping environment and aisles
  • Fitting rooms
  • Product displays
  • Storage solutions


Houston Tenant Improvements

  • Kitchen and prep areas
  • Dining environments
  • Counter/service areas
  • Product displays
  • Storage solutions


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