Honoring Houston’s first responders is on my mind this week. Whether police, deputy sheriffs, firefighters, paramedics, or our military, we thank them all for springing into action and saving lives when emergencies strike.

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From fires to floods to car accidents to national emergencies, our first responders are always on call. Saturday, October 28th, is National First Responders Day — a time to honor the frontline workers who protect and serve amid extraordinary challenges.

Honoring Houston's First Responders

We celebrate, honor, and support the heroes who keep us safe.

Expressing Gratitude

How can we thank our local public safety teams for the difficult jobs they do every day? Here are some ideas to encourage and support the first responders in your area.

  • Consider expressing gratitude by dropping off a case of bottled water or soft drinks at your local fire station. You can deliver flowers and snacks, too, for the firefighters and EMS workers to enjoy.
  • Give a “thumbs up” to a police officer and encourage your child to smile and say “Thank you” to campus law enforcement officers (LEOs) and the security staff at your local mall.
  • Support fundraisers for current or former first responders, including veteran’s groups such as Wounded Warriors and The American Legion.
  • Another idea is to use the hashtag #NationalFirstRespondersDay on social media to shout out heroes in the trenches at home and around the nation.

Honoring Houston’s First Responders Through Responsible Actions

When we take personal responsibility for our own safety, this lessens the burden on our first responders. From being a conscientious driver to keeping fire extinguishers in our homes, we can proactively stop accidents before they start.

Companies, too, play a huge role in safety initiatives. Right Choice Construction has implemented on-the-job protocols that mitigate risk and keep our job sites safe. My blog post “Women in the Construction Safety Environment” provides some resources that involve a whole team mindset.

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Thanks for stopping by, and cheers to our first responders!