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If you caught one of my latest posts, you know how passionate I am about the vetting process and demonstrating construction excellence, especially since our reputation in the trades is everything! My mission is to build momentum as a premier, ethical, and highly recommended construction contractor in the greater Houston metroplex and surrounding areas.

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It’s true that Right Choice projects dot the landscape of Houston, and I’d like to explain why we have earned visibility in the construction marketplace. It has everything to do with transparency, fair practices, and good work. It takes a lot of energy and passion. There are no shortcuts to excellence. For these reasons, you won’t find a more dependable commercial contractor — and we stake our reputation on it!

Building a Reputation in the Trades Means Putting in the Work!

I can’t overemphasize how important it is to schedule time for involvement in your community and professional organizations. For instance, our membership in the Retail Contractors Association was a journey through heavy vetting that ultimately demonstrated our retail construction excellence. I recently filled the position of Vice Chair of the Katy Area Economic Development Council because Right Choice brings construction services to Katy, West Houston, and the Energy Corridor — read all about it here. My membership in the International Facility Management Association connects me with fellow professionals and decision-makers in the realm of commercial construction.

There is every good reason for start-ups and small businesses, as well as established businesses, to get involved in professional organizations. The sacrifice of time is an investment in the future and definitely impacts your reputation in the trades. Yes, it creates bona fides and credentials. Yes, it’s a wonderful way to give back to our industry sector. And yes, it forges bonds between your business and your community.

Reputation in the Trades

Reputation in the trades is everything, and building a solid reputation means being vetted by the “best of the best” business organizations.

Satisfied Clients Are the Key!

Reputation in the Trades

One of many five-star reviews by satisfied clients.

I’m so gratified that my clients weigh in about their experiences with Right Choice projects. Again, reputation in the trades is everything, and public testimonials bolster confidence regarding a commercial contractor’s abilities, reliability, and professionalism.

Take a look at samples of our client reviews HERE. We have earned every mention and every kind word due to our laser focus on integrity and excellence.


Constantly Seek New Opportunities

In another previous post, I discussed carving out personal time for my family and myself. Now the notion of time is more precious than ever and looks different today. The holidays and weekends have morphed into grownup gatherings with a lot of scheduling involved. I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir, but this is a brand new dynamic for me personally. It also presents new vistas and potentials in the business realm.

Yes, empty nesting has pointed me to another opportunity. I celebrated my daughter’s newfound independence by launching a subsidiary, Right Choice Maintenance, with more to follow. It’s a shift of energy — not so much to fill a personal void but to fill voids in the marketplace. Being of service to family, community, and customers is a high honor, and I’m excited about the future!

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