Carving out personal time can be a conundrum when you’re a busy business owner. I’m Danielle Wright, the CEO of Right Choice Construction, and I’ve just launched a brand-new commercial maintenance company as well, Right Choice Maintenance. So when I say I’m a busy person in the trades, I’m not exaggerating!

It’s tempting to completely immerse myself in work. It’s almost easier to keep the momentum going 24/7/365 than take the time to pause and refresh.

But…I’ve learned that “all work and no play” is counterproductive. The opposite is true — we must make room for rest and recreation.

Here’s why.

Carving out personal time

Work+Life — Easier Said than Done?

Pausing and refreshing can be scary concepts. Letting go and surrendering hands-on control, even temporarily, seems counterintuitive to business owners who are wired to be productive, accountable, and present. Yes, many entrepreneurs are workaholics and thrive on the challenges (and adrenaline) that comes with pleasing customers and delivering projects on time and on budget.

The truth is, there comes a point when you owe it to your family and yourself to step away and focus on the essentials that make us human.

“Fresher, Productive and More Efficient”

I recall a Forbes piece from years ago that featured an article by Dinah Wisenberg Brin titled “Vacation: How Entrepreneurs Can, And Why They Should, Take A Break.” The sentiment is sound — people must refuel (whether we initially like it or not) for the sake of our well-being and relationships. It makes us “fresher, productive, and more efficient.”

So I asked myself, What are the things that uplift me most physically, emotionally, and spiritually? The honest answer is the love and companionship I give and get from my spouse, children, extended family, and friends. I also need downtime to reflect and give thanks for blessings and abundance. That should be on the top of all of our priority lists, right?

So, it was up to me to figure out how to balance work + life while still empire-building in the world of construction.

Carving Out Personal Time

Carving out personal timeI’m inspired by the quotes below. Surrounding myself with a great team is the only way to take time off, knowing that operations will continue and customers will be taken care of.

“When you hand good people possibility, they do great things.” – Biz Stone

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Ken Blanchard

Fresh air, the sand between our toes, mountainside views, adventures abroad, or whatever Carving out personal timegetaways we enjoy do “something” to our brain chemistry, our mood, our sense of well-being, and our ability to appreciate the little things.

I experienced this firsthand in July 2023 while taking a birthday vacation to Mexico. I get this same benefit by visiting our family lakehouse on weekend retreats. I admit that my phone is always nearby, and I check my emails…but less frequently. I have a team in place who cares about me, my family, my business, and our overall success. That empowers me to enjoy life outside of the office and construction job sites!

So yes, carving out personal time matters! Fortunately, the relaxation and stress reduction that comes from long weekends and vacations tends to energize us and, at the same time, keep us grounded. As hard as it is to schedule time off, it is absolutely vital.

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