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“Trust Right Choice for your leasehold tenant improvement needs. We specialize in industry-wide design-build projects in and around the Houston area. Our focus is on optimizing usable space and hitting aesthetic high notes — on time and on budget!”

Our leasehold tenant improvement construction portfolio is as vast and rich as our 25 years of experience in the construction field. We deliver custom upgrades from the ground up and retrofits that make older spaces new again. Count on Right Choice Construction to achieve your vision and maximize the value of any retail space! We take the worry out of your modifications, whether you are a property owner or leaseholder.

From new office flooring, painting, interior walls, ceilings, plumbing, carpentry, and light installation to other electrical, mechanical, and technical requirements, we make your space more suitable, more appealing, and more valuable. Buildouts and other facility improvements are our hallmarks, and you won’t find a more dedicated and talented general contractor in the leasehold tenant improvement landscape.

Leasehold Tenant Improvement — from Spatial to Aesthetics

Leasehold Tenant Improvement
No matter your business, we optimize your square footage and make the most of your leased space.

We have an eye for design, flow, and function in tenant environments across all industries.

The structural changes (modifications, enhancements, additions) you make to new commercial and retail construction may involve vanilla shell construction in which customization is needed. Also, second and third-generation spaces can be retrofitted, redesigned, repurposed, and reconfigured according to your vision and the needs of your business. Whether it’s a reception area, offices, partitions, entertainment areas, storage, shopping aisles, bank queues, lobbies, or sitting areas… we have you covered. Leave the permitting, planning, and execution to us!

Leasehold Tenant Improvement
Retail, restaurants, office, banks, and more — Right Choice has your tenant improvements covered.

A Focus on Satisfaction

Basically, changes made to the leased property ensure that it is best suited for the purposes of the tenant. That’s why Right Choice is the go-to general contractor for turning vision into reality — we work with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome. Leasehold tenant improvement projects are advantageous to tenants because these improvements make their enterprises stand apart from competing businesses.

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