Danielle Wright, President, Right Choice Construction —

“Are you a landlord, leasing agent, or seller who needs interior space for a quick commercial tenant move-in? Look no further! Right Choice specializes in vanilla box construction. Imagine what can we build for you!”

Quick turnaround for tenant occupancy and customization.

As a general contractor, Right Choice Construction excels at vanilla box construction. Commercial property owners, realtors, landlords, leasing agents, and sellers depend on us to create shell space that can be quickly converted for new tenants.

Vanilla Box Construction vs. White Box — What’s the Difference?

See our previous article on white box construction and note that the terms white box and vanilla box are virtually interchangeable. In the world of real estate, you may hear descriptions such as white boxing, white shell, vanilla boxing, vanilla shell, or warm shell to define these interior spaces. All are spaces with basic finishings and an electrical panel and outlets, sealed concrete or finished floors, ceiling lighting, and a finished bathroom.

Based on the tenant’s needs, the space can be customized for full operations.

white box construction
Commercial space construction with new metal stud framing.

What is Gray Shell Construction?

You may also hear the term gray (grey) box construction or gray shell, cold shell, or cold dark shell construction. Gray boxes are completely unfinished. This type of space has bare stud walls, unfinished floors, and no plumbing, electrical, or HVAC/ductwork, although it might have points of connection for sewer and electrical hookups.

This “skeleton” gives tenants an even greater range in improving the space. And yes — Right Choice can convert grey boxes into white boxes on time and on budget. We can also fully complete the interior design and bring a tenant’s vision to life.

Count on Right Choice for commercial vanilla box build-outs. You’ll be glad you did!

We are a general contractor with 25 years of combined experience in commercial tenant improvement and are recognized in GC Magazine as one of the Best Tenant Improvement (office) Contractors in Houston. See an article about Right Choice Construction’s safety initiatives here.