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“Trust Right Choice for your tenant improvement construction needs. We specialize in high-end design-build projects with a focus on retail establishments in and around the Houston area — on time and on budget.”

Right Choice Construction has a great deal of tenant improvement construction expertise in leased commercial spaces (leasehold improvements). This involves custom upgrades that meet your requirements. From retrofits to optimizing square footage, we maximize the benefits of any retail space!

Our range of services includes electrical, mechanical, and technical installation in retail environments, including shopping mall stores and boutiques, but also office buildouts and other facility improvements. Depending on the scope, this can include wall, floor, ceiling, HVAC, and other needed renovations. In the design-build tenant improvement process, we look at spatial benefits, aesthetics, and infrastructure needs as well.

Tenant Improvement Construction
From the largest tenant improvement projects to the smallest, Right Choice focuses on beauty and functionality.
We have an eye for design, flow, and function in retail environments.

New commercial and retail construction may involve white box build-outs or vanilla shell construction in which customization is needed. Second-generation spaces can be repurposed, redesigned, and reconfigured. We work with owners and tenants to achieve the overall vision with attention to timelines and budget.

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Make the Right Choice when planning your next tenant improvement project. As a general contractor, we cover the permit, design, estimation, planning, and construction stages, and oversee architects, designers, electricians, plumbers, and other subcontractors. We are proud that our portfolio of work dots the landscape of the greater Houston metroplex, the outskirts of the city, and beyond! Right Choice takes the worry out of materials and requisitions and achieves expert results.

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