Whether you are working through Easter in various Houston construction zones or staying home and celebrating with your family and faith community, we wish you a blessed and happy weekend. As we head into the Easter holiday, we’re reminded of the reason for the season.

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Hi, I’m Danielle Wright, CEO of Right Choice Construction. I’m taking a moment to reflect on Good Friday tomorrow and Easter on Sunday, March 31. First, I tip my hard hat to those who will be working at job sites in Houston construction zones outside the Beltway or inside the Loop without time off during the holiday. I’ve been there! As a general commercial contractor, construction deadlines don’t halt for every holiday. I hope you can still find time to enjoy an Easter meal, give thanks, do good, and care for one another and yourselves.

As for me, I am fortunate this year to be able to pressure down on this long weekend and appreciate my loved ones. It’s a time to have fun! I’ve already hosted an Easter Egg hunt for my grownup friends and neighbors at our getaway at Lake Livingston. My kiddos are coming this weekend to do an Easter egg hunt—my youngest is a college freshman, and my oldest is a doctoral student. No matter how many birthdays they have, I vow to keep building a treasure trove of Easter memories.

Oh—and my hubby will be smoking ham and ribs for the family. I cannot wait for this get-together, and my team and I wish you all the best, including peace, hope, and joy now and throughout 2024.

Construction Zone

The Wright family hosts friends and family at Lake Livingston.


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