As a Houston-area design-build contractor, Right Choice Construction integrates the design and construction phases into a single contract. We act as your architect, designer, and commercial construction contractor, with a dedicated project manager overseeing each job site.

Key Elements and Advantages of Hiring a Design-Build Contractor

Our successful commercial projects are based on collaboration and communication between various stakeholders and the experience and expertise of our design-build firm. Read more about our design-build expertise here and below.

Single-Point Responsibility

In our design-build approach, Right Choice is responsible for the project’s design and construction phases. This single point of responsibility simplifies communication, reduces conflicts, and streamlines decision-making.

Collaboration and Integration

Design-build encourages collaboration from the project’s inception. This collaborative approach can lead to innovative solutions, cost savings, and more efficient project delivery.

Faster Project Delivery

Because the design and construction phases overlap, design-build projects are often completed more quickly than projects using the traditional design-bid-build approach. This can be advantageous when time constraints are a priority.

Cost Control

Design-build firms are often better positioned to manage costs effectively throughout the project. Right Choice has a clear understanding of budget and construction processes, which helps prevent cost overruns.

Quality Control

Our design-build team is vested in delivering a high-quality project since we are responsible for design and construction. This can lead to better quality control and accountability.


Design-build allows for flexibility in project delivery. Changes and adjustments can be made more smoothly during the construction phase because the design and construction teams work closely together.

Reduced Administrative Burden

For owners, the design-build process can reduce administrative work, as they only have to manage a single contract with the design-build entity instead of separate contracts with designers and builders.

Enhanced Risk Management

Having a single entity responsible for design and construction minimizes risks associated with coordinating multiple parties. As a design-build contractor, Right Choice assumes more of the project’s risk, which can be advantageous for the owner.

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