Team building in the Great Smoky Mountains — Gatlinburg, Tennessee, here we come!


Right Choice Construction has the best group of employees and contractors imaginable. They deserve everything we can possibly treat them to, including out-of-state trips for fun and relaxation. Our team-building excursion to the Great Smoky Mountains became a bonding adventure.


The goal? To revel in work well done and celebrate (and plan for) the addition of new projects, which have come fast and furious in the last few months.


team building

At the George Bush International Airport in Houston, awaiting boarding and departure!


Just spending time together outside of the construction realm was refreshing. Some of our favorite highlights included a three-hour tour in the Great Smoky Mountains State Park, ski lift rides to the top of the mountain, a meal at Peddlers Steakhouse, the Hatfield and McCoy Comedy Dinner Show, and after-dinner drinks and movies at our beautiful retreat.


Mother Nature, the great outdoors, and fresh air greeted us in Tennessee.


team building

We took a ski lift to the top of the mountain to dine and shop.


Smoky Mountains Team Building Surprises and Delights!

It just so happened that we received great news during our team-building adventures. We were awarded the Stefano Ricci project in the River Oaks District, and even the bears (our first houseguests) seemed to revel in the news!


team building

This young climber nearly made himself at home on our balcony!


We were amazed at the amount of bears roaming near our cabin and throughout the mountains.


The Hatfield and McCoy Comedy Dinner stage performance had us clapping with the crowd! We definitely had sore cheekbones and stomachs from laughing so hard during our three-day retreat. Our next company trip is to Las Vegas, but for now, we need to get back to a very busy schedule and numerous happy clients.


team building

Good old-fashioned fun, live on stage!


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Our team headed back to Texas feeling recharged, energized, and ready for a busy season ahead. I hope you enjoy all of my Development with Danielle© posts here, and check out our Right Choice Construction portfolio here, spanning our retail, office, and industrial projects.

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