I can hardly believe I’ve reached a point in my life where I can title a blog post: “Parenting and Empty-Nesting in the Trades.”

I’m Danielle Wright, CEO of Right Choice Construction. As a working mom who has raised two children with a large age gap, it took a lot of juggling and coordination to make our family thrive. My son and daughter have always watched me work. They were the inspiration behind my trailblazing and entrepreneurial startups throughout different stages of my career.

Parenting and empty-nesting in the trades

Two in the nest — William and Jenna

I believe a big part of my parenting responsibilities was to teach my kids what is possible. I juggled being present for their milestones, celebrations, and everyday challenges. They watched me seize opportunities, build, and create. Bringing them up as the wonderful people they are today had a lot to do with this inclusion.

My kids have a work ethic because they witnessed hard work in real-time. They have values. They have goals. And they are already making their mark on the world. What a blessing!

But…when my oldest, William, left for college, I missed him terribly. it’s a bittersweet moment when your firstborn takes off on a great adventure and navigates multiple degrees, working toward a doctorate. Now my daughter has graduated high school and is off to college as well.

My babies grew wings, and that leaves me with an empty nest. I remind myself that it’s not “Goodbye.” It’s “I’ll see you soon.”

Parenting and empty-nesting in the trades

And then they grew wings…

What Comes Next After Parenting and Empty-Nesting in the Trades?

In my previous post, I discussed carving out personal time for my family and myself. Now the notion of time is more precious than ever and looks different today. The holidays and weekends have morphed into grownup gatherings with a lot of scheduling involved. I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir, but this is a brand new dynamic for me personally. It also presents new vistas and potentials in the business realm.

Yes, empty nesting has pointed me to another opportunity. I celebrated my daughter’s newfound independence by launching a subsidiary, Right Choice Maintenance, with more to follow. It’s a shift of energy — not so much to fill a personal void but to fill voids in the marketplace. Being of service to family, community, and customers is a high honor, and I’m excited about the future!

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