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“You’ll find our metal building construction and steel structure installations dotting the landscape in and around the Houston area. Metal is a great option for conserving costs while ensuring expansive workspace and storage capacity. Count on Right Choice for your next commercial or industrial metal building construction project!”

Metal Building Construction
Metal buildings for commercial and industrial applications.

Pre-engineered steel structures are some of the most popular building applications in the Lone Star state — and for good reason! Metal buildings are affordable, cost-effective, sustainable, and quickly installed when you need space NOW!

You might assume metal building construction involves only industrial warehouses — not so! Metal structures can provide breathtaking visual appeal in commercial sites. A variety of metal cladding options, high-grade coatings, and heavy skins can be customized to provide building owners with a site that is as pleasing to the eyes as it is functional. Exteriors can be finished with veneers of all kinds, from stone to stucco, to brick, to concrete, and much more. Prefabricated or custom metal building design is an increasingly popular option for developers, landowners, and other entities in Texas.

Houston Metal Building Construction You Can Trust

With your vision in mind, we turn possibilities into reality. Metal building construction can involve structures of any size, span, or purpose. The versatility and multi-purpose qualities of new metal buildings are amazing and make just about any project possible. The commercial and industrial sectors need sustainable solutions that can be expanded or modified to suit your future needs, and steel buildings offer expansive workspace and storage area solutions and are virtually maintenance-free. Manufacturing plants, machine and lathing shops, mechanic garages, auto showrooms, hangars, churches, schools, restaurants, and other commercial and industrial facilities can benefit from metal building construction and installation.

We install steel structures no matter the size or difficulty.

These structures also accommodate Houston’s terrain and weather without cracking, warping, or fading. Right Choice specializes in sturdy metal buildings that withstand high winds and other harsh conditions as well. They are highly resistant to fire, mold, mildew, fungus, and insect damage, ensuring strength, reliability, dependability, and most importantly, lasting value.

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